Tesla Powerwall & Powerpack have yielded over $3 million in savings for Vemont

Green Mountain Power (GMP) has announced that its growing energy storage network in 2020 would reduce the cost of all GMP customers by approximately $3 million. This network involves Powerwall home batteries, Tesla Powerpack batteries at solar sites on a utility scale, and carbon-reducing equipment such as smart chargers for electric vehicles.

Green Mountain Power has two programs:

  1. Tesla Powerwall, which allows customers to rent a system at a flat rate that provides savings over a standard installation;
  2. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an open incentive system for customers looking to add a battery.

“We are focused on growing this innovative work, as it is a key part of an affordable energy future for Vermont. Energy storage programs like this are delivering meaningful results, showing a path to help the economy while reducing costs and carbon at the same time,” said GMP President and CEO Mari McClure.

Batteries in GMP’s programs this year provided customers with more than 16,000 hours of backup capacity. Via outages, these services provide comfort, convenience, and protection, which is increasingly necessary as Vermont sees more extreme weather due to climate change, and as residents are home more because of the pandemic.

Also integral to creating a flexible and resilient grid is home battery storage. As part of its recently approved Climate Strategy, GMP is initiating a series of resiliency and device hardening initiatives. The objective is to help communities prepare to withstand the rising number of severe storms.

“The peace of mind is great with these batteries. They’ve kept the lights on for short outages this summer and during frigid conditions last winter,” said GMP customer Katherine Silta, of Weathersfield, Vermont, who has two Powerwall batteries through GMP’s early pilot program. “Also, it is great knowing you are helping other customers. You could see on those very hot days that our stored energy was helping to reduce demand on the grid during peak times, reducing costs.”

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