Tesla Powerwall owners extend hospitality during 2-week outage

Thanks to Tesla Solar and Powerwall, Australian homeowners managed to keep the lights on during the prolonged power outages that followed the bushfires and supported neighboring services.

Specially destructive has been the Australian bushfire season 2019–20. It killed many people, destroyed thousands of homes and buildings and for long periods of time left many people without electricity.

Andy McCarthy, Chief Executive of the solar installer RACV Solar, visited couple Kate and Phil from Mallacoota, Victoria, a fire-affected area this week.

He installed a solar panel at their home last year, and Tesla Powerwall.

He wrote on Linkedin:

We installed a solar power system with battery storage for Kate and Phil last year. They wanted to be more self-sufficient; in a town with regular grid outages, peace of mind was important to them.

McCarthy said that the bushfires were “the ultimate test for this system.”

The couple managed to save their house from the flames, but they cut the electricity for two weeks in their neighbourhood. Throughout outage, they were able to sustain power at their home with the solar panels and Powerwall.

Kate and Phil used their power to help their neighbors:

For two full weeks, Phil and Kate were some of the few people in town with electricity. Being the amazing community-minded people they are, they threw their doors open, offering a solar-powered hot shower, a cuppa, and a shoulder to cry on.

McCarthy added:

It was harrowing to hear their stories, but satisfying to know that their renewable energy system was able to provide so much comfort during the darkest of days. Their solar and battery system kept the lights on, even with a thick smoky sky badly affecting the solar performance.

For years, Tesla has concentrated on Powerwall supply in Australia because the country has high power prices and is vulnerable to outages.

Tesla recently revealed it has mounted the 100,000th home battery pack for the Powerwall.

Reported by Electrek.

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