Tesla supplier Panasonic announces new training, R&D campus near Gigafactory Nevada

Tesla battery supplier Panasonic announced today that it intends to build a new campus in Reno that will handle training, research and development, employee recruitment centers, and other support functions. It is located just 25 miles from Gigafactory Nevada, where Tesla builds battery cells, Model 3 electric motors, and battery packs, along with energy storage products.

Panasonic announced the new building, located at 645 East Plumb Lane, yesterday. It will be just under 95,000 square feet and will supplement the company’s involvement in the growth of the electric vehicle industry. It was first reported by InsideEVs.

“Our new facility in Reno underscores our commitment to evolving and growing to stay at the forefront of the mobility market,” President of Panasonic Energy of North America said. “Investing in innovation and workforce initiatives in the local community supports our mission of creating a future powered by sustainable energy.”

The announcement comes seven years following Panasonic announced it would produce lithium-ion batteries at Gigafactory Nevada in Sparks, NV, just 25 miles east of the new facility. “While operations at Gigafactory 1 will continue, PENA intends to take advantage of the Reno location to expand local engineering capacity and talent acquisition and upskilling, further propelling its position in the electric vehicle market,” Panasonic wrote about the acquisition of the property.

In September 2020, Panasonic announced that it would increase operations at Gigafactory Nevada, preparing for a massive ramp that would expand the company’s presence at the plant. “The expansion will increase our staffing by about 100 positions. We’re excited to continue our investment in the Northern Nevada community and our people here,” Carl Walton, Vice President of Production Engineering and Facilities for PENA, stated.

Panasonic reported in its Q3 2021 Earnings Call that it had expanded global capacity for EV battery manufacturing to 50 GWh. Panasonic builds around 37 GWh of 2170-cylindrical cells at Gigafactory Nevada alone.

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