Tesla Owners Report Initial Rollout of FSD (Supervised) Version 12.3.4

  • 🔍 Tesla has initiated the initial rollout of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4, as observed by EV owners and software tracking services online.
  • 🚗 Initial impressions from Tesla owners who received FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 have been positive.
  • 📋 Legacy Model S and Model X owners, with older Tesla hardware, have reported receiving update 2024.3.15, including FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4, but it seems limited to vehicles that opted in for an MCU2 upgrade.
  • 📄 Tesla software tracking service NotATeslaApp shared the release notes of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4, which are identical to the previous version, highlighting that it doesn’t make vehicles autonomous.
  • 🛠️ Tesla update tracker Teslascope noted an elevated number of install failures for update 2024.3.15 but mentioned that Tesla is working on a solution.
  • 📹 Initial videos of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 demonstrate its capability, with one video showing smooth navigation through inner city streets.

In the ever-evolving landscape of autonomous driving technology, Tesla remains at the forefront, continuously refining its Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities. The recent rollout of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 has sparked enthusiasm among Tesla enthusiasts and owners alike. Let’s delve into the details of this latest update and explore its implications.

Understanding FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4

Tesla’s FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 represents the latest iteration of its advanced driver-assist system, designed to provide enhanced autonomy and safety features to Tesla vehicles. This update builds upon previous versions, incorporating refinements and optimizations aimed at improving overall performance and user experience.

Initial Rollout Observations

The rollout of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 has commenced, with Tesla owners and software tracking services reporting its availability. This initial phase allows for firsthand impressions and feedback from users, providing valuable insights into the update’s effectiveness and performance in real-world scenarios.

Positive Impressions

Early reports from Tesla owners who have received FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 are overwhelmingly positive. Users have praised its improved functionality and responsiveness, highlighting its ability to navigate complex driving situations with confidence and precision. These positive impressions reflect Tesla’s ongoing commitment to advancing autonomous driving technology.

Legacy Model S and Model X Integration

An intriguing aspect of the rollout is the inclusion of legacy Model S and Model X vehicles, equipped with older Tesla hardware. While these vehicles typically lag behind in receiving updates, owners who opted for an MCU2 upgrade have reported receiving update 2024.3.15, which includes FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4. This integration demonstrates Tesla’s efforts to extend support and features to a wider range of vehicles in its fleet.

Release Notes and Autonomy Clarifications

Tesla software tracking services have shared the release notes of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4, revealing insights into its capabilities and limitations. It’s important to note that despite its advanced features, FSD (Supervised) does not make vehicles autonomous. Tesla emphasizes the need for driver supervision and caution while using the system, underscoring the importance of remaining attentive and vigilant at all times.

Addressing Installation Challenges

While the rollout has been generally smooth, some Tesla update trackers have noted a higher-than-usual number of installation failures for update 2024.3.15. However, Tesla has swiftly responded to this issue, working on solutions to ensure a seamless update process for affected vehicles. This proactive approach demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Demonstrating Capabilities Through Video

Initial videos showcasing FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 in action offer a glimpse into its capabilities and performance. From smooth navigation through city streets to adept handling of challenging traffic scenarios, these demonstrations highlight the progress and potential of Tesla’s autonomous driving technology.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Autonomous Driving

As Tesla continues to innovate and refine its Full Self-Driving capabilities, the rollout of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.4 marks another significant milestone in the journey towards autonomous driving. With positive initial impressions, enhanced features, and ongoing support for legacy vehicles, Tesla reaffirms its position as a leader in the automotive industry’s transition towards a self-driving future.

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