Tesla formally opens select Supercharger stations to other EVs in the US

Tesla has launched its non-Tesla Supercharger program in the United States. 

The company recently posted a video showcasing how its Supercharger Network could be used by non-Tesla vehicles on its official Twitter account for Tesla Charging. The video featured instructions on how non-Tesla owners could utilize the rapid charging system. 

As noted by the EV maker in its video, non-Tesla owners would simply need to select a Supercharger site and a specific stall through the Tesla App. This would enable users to undock the “Magic Dock” adapter, which allows them to connect their vehicles to the Tesla charging stall. 

Stopping the charging session through the Tesla Mobile App would allow users to unplug their vehicle to complete their charging session. The mobile app also displays the charging summary, which will show details of the charging session. 

Tesla’s non-Tesla Supercharger program would likely be appreciated by EV owners across the United States. Even with its Magic Dock system, it is still quite a bit simpler compared to other rapid EV charging solutions available in the country today. It won’t be as simple as the Supercharger experience for Tesla vehicles, but it’s a notable improvement over what’s offered in the market

The non-Tesla Supercharger program has been teased by the Biden-Harris Administration for some time now. While Musk and the US President appear to have had differences in the past, the White House has referenced Tesla Superchargers as a solution for the country’s EV infrastructure since last year. 

“Tesla is expanding production capacity of power electronics components that convert alternating current to direct current, charging cabinets, posts, and cables. Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers,” a White House fact sheet from July 2022 read. 

With its non-Tesla Supercharger program, the electric vehicle maker is establishing itself not just as a regular EV maker. It is also establishing itself as a reliable provider of electric vehicle charging services. 

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