The Tesla Model Y is leading China’s electric SUV segment by a wide margin

The Tesla Model Y is making some serious strides in China, despite being in mass production for only a few months. Based on sales figures from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center in March, the Tesla Model Y has become the country’s best-selling electric SUV, beating local rivals such as the NIO ES6. 

Last month, Tesla China sold 10,140 Model Ys in the local market, putting it far ahead of the competition, both local and foreign. Following the Made-in-China Model Y was the NIO ES6, which sold 2,960 units in March. In third place was the NIO EC6, which sold 2,484 units. This means that the Model Y sold over three times more vehicles than its closest competitor in the EV SUV segment. 

Competitors from Germany such as the BMW iX3 and the Mercedes-Benz EQC ended the month with more conservative numbers, at 1,526 and 557 units sold in March, respectively. Interestingly enough, the Volkswagen ID.4 X, a vehicle that matches the Model Y pretty well considering its price, range, and features, ended the month with a conservative 495 units sold. 

While the Tesla Model Y’s accomplishments in China’s EV SUV sector are impressive, the all-electric crossover from Giga Shanghai is also making a lot of waves in the country’s overall premium SUV segment, which covers both electric and fossil fuel-powered vehicles. In February, the Model Y sold 4,640 units in China, placing it notably behind the best-selling Audi Q5, which sold 10,529 in the same month. 

For March, the Audi Q5 proved once more that it is a strong SUV in China, with sales of 15,270. Following it was the Mercedes-Benz GLC, which sold 14,240, and the BMW X3, which sold 13,491 units. The Tesla Model Y was the overall 4th best-selling premium SUV in China with its sales of 10,151 units. 

It should be noted that the Tesla Model Y may be on track to dethrone China’s best-selling premium SUVs. Deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 to the domestic market, after all, rose to 25,327 units last month. And considering that the Model Y competes in a much wider segment due to its crossover status, there seems to be a good chance that the vehicle could match the sales numbers of its sedan sibling, or perhaps even more, in the near future.

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