Tesla Model Y is the best selling car in Germany, period

The Tesla Model Y has long been one of the brand’s most successful vehicles, but few expected it to be Germany’s best-selling vehicle in September.

Germany, and Europe generally, has been the epicenter of the EV revolution. The demand for electric vehicles in Europe is far higher than almost anywhere on the planet, and its EV market has become far more competitive as more and more brands compete there. Hence, it’s quite the achievement for the Tesla Model Y to be the best-selling vehicle in the car capital of Europe, Germany.

According to Heise Online reporting, KBA (German DMV) figures, the Tesla Model Y had 9846 registrations in September alone, head and shoulders above the German-made Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Tiguan, traditionally popular vehicles in Germany. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the Tesla Model Y destroyed its Model 3 sibling which had 3878 registrations, a number that nonetheless still put the Tesla Model 3 on top of the mid-size segment.

Overall, 224,816 vehicles were registered in September, including 44,389 new SUVs. This means that the Tesla Model Y alone represented just over 4.5% of the German car market and just over 22% of SUV sales in Germany. Together with the Tesla Model 3, the two models represented just over 6% of the German car market.

The Tesla Model Y also dominated in other markets, being the top-selling vehicle in New Zealand and the second-best-selling vehicle in the U.K.

This marks a significant turnaround for Tesla in Europe generally. Many skeptics and analysts alike believed that Tesla would lose market share if more EVs were introduced to the European market. Nonetheless, Tesla has shown incredible resilience against new competition.

A couple of influential factors have pushed Tesla’s sales far higher in Europe over the past few months. Most notably, the Russian invasion has pushed gas prices to the moon, and hence, has driven ICE vehicle demand down substantially. Tesla’s most significant competition in Germany, Volkswagen, has also had issues producing large numbers of electric vehicles while also facing a considerable leadership change after ousting now ex-CEO Herbert Dietz.

As electric vehicle demand continues to skyrocket in Europe and many national governments further incentivize EV purchases, Tesla is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the situation. The only real question remaining is; which country next?

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