Tesla adjusts delivery estimates after select Model Y variants sell out for 2022

Tesla adjusted delivery estimates of select Model Y variants in the United States. The Pearl White and Midnight Silver base Model Y Long Range with 19” Gemini wheels is sold out for the remainder of 2022, with delivery estimates expected between February 2023 and May 2023. 

Base Model Y LR variants in Deep Blue, Solid Black, and Red Multi-Coat are still available this year, with delivery estimates between November 2022 and February 2023. The three paint options come with an additional charge.

The Model Y Long Range with Induction wheels has an estimated delivery date between November 2022 to February 2023 for all available colors. Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance with 21” Überturbine Wheels have estimated delivery dates between June and August 2022.

Pearl White and Midnight Silver color options are free for Model Y orders. Deep Blue paint costs an extra $1,000, Solid Black is an additional $1,500, and Red will add $2,000 to the base Model Y LR’s price tag. The 20” Induction wheels are an extra $2,000. Customers may also add a Tow Hitch to their Model Y order for $1,000. 

The base Model Y LR’s price without additions or potential savings is $62,990 in the US. The Model Y Performance’s price is $67,990 before options and deductions. Prices and delivery dates in other countries or territories vary.

During the Q1 2022 earnings call, Elon Musk and Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn explained that the company’s current vehicle prices considered supply chain price changes. As such, Tesla’s current vehicle prices reflect the rising prices of raw materials

As Musk pointed out, the vehicles ordered today will be delivered in the future. However, raw material prices are constantly increasing. Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn explained this further during the Q1 2022 earnings call. 

“And so, to Elon’s point, what we’re trying to do here because it is quite an unprecedented situation of raw material movement and all of these various lags and all this uncertainty around renegotiating contracts is we’re trying to anticipate where things will go and make sure that the pricing that we have in place at the time that the raw material costs increases hit us, that they align, and that the company can remain financially healthy in various scenarios as we look out over the next four quarters,” elaborated Kirkhorn.

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