Tesla Model Y with 4680 batteries just got more expensive

Tesla Model Y All-Wheel-Drive configurations, which equip the company’s 4680 battery cell, received a $500 price increase late Friday.

The Tesla Model Y All-Wheel-Drive is a specific trim level of the all-electric crossover that is only built at Gigafactory Texas and only available in limited amounts. Tesla lists the vehicle in its “Existing Inventory,” and it is not available for order through the traditional Online Design Studio.

The 4680-equipped All-Wheel-Drive Model Y received a $500 price increase, bringing its price to $51,490, up from $50,990. It is a continuation of trending upticks in Tesla prices, which have been frequent but relatively minimal in recent weeks.

Tesla has changed prices on Model Y trims four times this year. At the beginning of 2023, Tesla pushed Model Y prices down by $13,000 in an effort to spike demand as the vehicle didn’t completely qualify for government tax credits. The IRS added Tesla’s all-electric crossover to the included vehicles list, making its complete lineup eligible for potentially $7,500 in discounts.

Credit: IRS

The Model Y All-Wheel-Drive is produced in limited quantities as Tesla continues to ramp 4680 cell production. In late 2022, Tesla reached a production rate of 868,000 cells in a single week — enough for 1,000 battery packs.

Production is set to increase later this year as suppliers like Panasonic prepare to begin implementing 4680 cell manufacturing lines at their facilities. Panasonic said in its most recent Earnings Call that it would lean on 2170 and 4680 cell manufacturing to help with profitability in their automotive sectors.

The Model Y All-Wheel-Drive offers 279 miles of range, a top speed of 135 MPH, and a 0-60 MPH acceleration rate of 5 seconds.

Last night, Tesla also increased the price of Model Y Performance trims by $500. Last week, Tesla bumped up prices of this vehicle by $1,000.

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