Tesla Model X: The Return of the Self-Presenting Doors

  • 🚗 Tesla Model X’s self-presenting doors have returned.
  • 🛠️ Feature reintroduced with Software Update 2024.20.1.
  • 👁️ Previous removal was due to shift towards vision-only self-driving.
  • 🚪 Doors open automatically when the driver approaches with a key fob or phone key.
  • 🎉 Doors now open fully, requiring no manual touch.
  • 🦵 Tapping the brake closes the door automatically.
  • 🔍 Feature first spotted by Not a Tesla App.
  • 📅 Feature had been missing for a short time due to hardware updates.

Tesla has once again showcased its commitment to innovation with the reintroduction of its highly anticipated self-presenting doors, exclusive to the Model X. This feature, which had been temporarily removed, has now made a much-celebrated comeback with Software Update 2024.20.1. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind its previous removal, the current functionalities offered, and what this means for Model X owners.

The Evolution of Tesla’s Self-Presenting Doors

A Brief History

The self-presenting doors feature was initially removed from the Tesla Model X lineup as part of the company’s broader effort to transition towards a vision-only self-driving approach, eliminating ultrasonic sensors (USS) from the vehicle. This decision led to the temporary loss of several functionalities, including the coveted self-presenting doors.

The Vision-Only Approach

Tesla’s vision-only approach is an integral part of its autonomous driving strategy. By relying on cameras and advanced vision processing algorithms, Tesla aims to eliminate the need for radar and ultrasonic sensors, making driving safer and more efficient. However, this shift resulted in some features being temporarily disabled, leading to a mixed reception among Tesla enthusiasts.

The ReIntroduction with Software Update 2024.20.1

What’s New?

With the release of Software Update 2024.20.1, Tesla has reintegrated the self-presenting doors feature into the Model X. This update breathes new life into this exclusive feature, enabling doors to open automatically when the driver approaches with a key fob or phone key. The update ensures that the doors open fully, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Enhancements and Usability

  • Automated Entry and Exit: Upon detecting the driver’s key fob or phone key, the Model X self-presenting doors will now open completely, allowing for seamless entry without requiring the driver to touch the handle.
  • Auto-Close Functionality: The doors can also be closed automatically by simply tapping the brake pedal, further enhancing convenience.
  • Improved Sensor Integration: Despite the removal of the USS components, Tesla’s vision-only system ensures that the self-presenting doors operate efficiently, bolstering driver experience and vehicle interaction.

Why This Matters

Boosting User Convenience

The return of the self-presenting doors significantly enhances user convenience, especially for drivers who are frequently on the go. The ability to enter and exit the vehicle without touching the door not only adds a touch of luxury but also improves the overall driving experience.

Redefining Autonomous Interaction

This feature underlines Tesla’s ongoing efforts to redefine how users interact with autonomous vehicles. By making the car more intuitive and responsive to the driver’s presence, Tesla continues to set new standards in the automotive industry.

Reaffirmation of Commitment to Innovation

The reintroduction of the self-presenting doors exemplifies Tesla’s commitment to continually updating and improving their vehicles. Tesla’s ability to reintegrate such features through software updates underscores the company’s innovative prowess and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Community and Market Reactions

Enthusiasts’ Take

The news of the self-presenting doors’ return was first spotted by “Not a Tesla App,” generating buzz among the Tesla community. Enthusiasts have expressed their excitement and appreciation for Tesla’s decision to bring back this highly sought-after feature.

Market Implications

From a market perspective, the reintroduction of the self-presenting doors could enhance the appeal of the Model X, potentially driving new sales and elevating the model in a competitive EV market. It also sets a precedent for how automotive companies can use software updates to periodically refresh and enhance their vehicle lineups.


The return of the Tesla Model X’s self-presenting doors is more than just a feature update; it is a testament to Tesla’s relentless pursuit of innovation and customer-centric design. As Tesla continues to pioneer advancements in autonomous driving and vehicular technology, one can only anticipate what future updates will bring.

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