Tesla Model S & X update get Adaptive Suspension Instrument Panel Widget

Tesla rolled out a new Adaptive Air Suspension widget display on the Instrument Panel of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV Instrument Panel. The addition came with the 2020.36 Software Update, which was released to owners on August 29th, 2020.

Tesla announced enhancements to the Adaptive Suspension system in mid-August by introducing a visualization feature in real-time to Model S and X. The functionality was available on the dash screen, enabling drivers to see exactly what was happening to the suspension of their car in real time for an immersive and thorough analysis of the vehicle’s operation.

Now Tesla has moved the visualization behind the steering wheel to the instrument cluster, which is more conveniently placed for drivers to keep up with the reaction of the suspension system to unruly terrain during navigation.

Reddit member u/Udarag shared an image of the Suspension visualization feature on his Model S Long Range Plus instrument panel.

Tesla launched the Suspension Instrument Panel Display to every market where the Model S and Model X are available, according to TeslaScope.com. In the release notes the company states that:

“The real-time visualization shows how the suspension system is dynamically adjusting each wheel’s damping to account for changing road conditions. This can now be displayed on the right or left side of the instrument panel. To view, hold the respective steering wheel scroll button briefly until the available instrument panel options are displayed. Roll the scroll button to choose Suspension.”

On August 21st, Tesla carried out the initial launch of the Suspension Visualization, and the changes were aimed at raising driver awareness of what stress the vehicle’s systems were under at all times. The update also introduced a simpler suspension control logic that allowed vehicles to accommodate both temporary and permanent ride heights, in addition to the visualization.

Model 3 and Model Y have no Adaptive Air Suspension features as they are fitted with a different shock system than Model S and Model X. In February, Both Model 3 and Model Y have Air Suspension harnesses specified in the Parts Catalog of the company. But CEO Elon Musk told us there was no intention to extend this feature to the two mass-market cars, at least for now.

Allowing owners to see what the suspension system is doing in real-time will give drivers a good sense of what is going on with the vehicle while it is traveling over heavy terrain. Snow and unpaved roads that are challenging for cars to navigate over will give owners an excellent opportunity to see how the shocks respond to dips and divots within the driving surface.

Reported by Teslarati.

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