Tesla Model 3 shakes off crash after getting rear-end collision on highway

Tesla is not only known for making fast cars. The electric vehicle manufacturer is also renowned for producing safe automobiles. This was illustrated recently when another car driving at 65 mph rear-ended a Tesla Model 3. The all-electric sedan was able to soldier on and bring its driver home despite significant damage from the crash.

Tesla Model 3 owner Craig Guilford was driving in Mesa, Arizona, when he encountered some traffic on the highway. On the road that day, there were several automobiles, with cars slowing down to both enter and exit the highway. A Ford F-150 was unable to slow down immediately in front of the Model 3, causing it to rear-end a Ford Fusion. Immediately after, the pickup came to a full halt.

Guilford immediately slammed on his Model 3’s brakes, and the all-electric sedan was able to stop just in time before it hit the F-150. However, the vehicles behind the Tesla were not. As seen in footage from the built-in dashcam of the Model 3, two vehicles that were unable to brake on time hit the Model 3. One of the cars, which seemed to be a Subaru crossover, was unable to slow down at all, crashing at 65 mph into the Model 3.

The effect was devastating, and the Model 3 was thrown forward as a result. Fortunately, the police soon arrived and found that everyone involved in the collision was all right. It was eventually necessary to tow away the two vehicles that hit the Model 3. As for Tesla, some significant damage was sustained, but it was still drivable. Guilford was also able to drive his car home after the crash.

Granted, repairs to the Model 3 would cost quite a lot, with a repair cost of around $9,000 being calculated by the body shop. It is also predicted that the repairs will last many more weeks, depending on how quickly the body shop will procure parts from the electric car manufacturer. Guilford does not mind, however, telling Wham Baam Teslacam from YouTube that he could not be happier with how his Model 3 handled the collision. He also reported that some of his friends actually ended up purchasing Telsas for themselves after seeing the video of his accident.

Watch the incident in the video below.

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