Tesla Model 3 Right Hand Drive fleet spotted in Giga Shanghai poised for export

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A new fleet of Right Hand Drive (RHD) Tesla Model 3 was recently spotted in the holding lot of Gigafactory Shanghai. The vehicles, which are covered with protective wrap, seem ready to be exported to foreign markets. 

Gigafactory Shanghai has an ambitious goal this year, with previous reports stating that the China-based plant is aiming to produce about 300,000 Model 3 in 2021, about 100,000 of which will be exported to other countries. Together with the Made-in-China Model Y, Gigafactory Shanghai is expected to produce about 550,000 vehicles this year. 

The new Model 3 fleet at the Gigafactory Shanghai complex was spotted by drone operator WU WA, who has been closely following the progress of the massive facility since its early days. As noted by the electric vehicle advocate, the vehicles that are covered with protective wrap are Right Hand Drive. 

The Model 3 fleet’s RHD configuration and wrapped nature infer that the vehicles will likely be exported soon. Gigafactory Shanghai, after all, started exporting vehicles to Europe last year, as part of the electric car maker’s efforts to optimize its operations. The first batch of 7,000 Model 3s was sent from Gigafactory Shanghai last October, to much celebration from the electric car maker’s local division. 

Details about the new batch of RHD Model 3 in Gigafactory Shanghai have not been disclosed by the electric car maker. However, it should be noted that the first batch of Model 3s from China was sent to the European region. Considering that Tesla intends to produce more vehicles this year than ever before, there is a good chance that this new batch of Model 3s could very well the first of many that will be exported from the China-based electric car plant. 

A recent video of the Gigafactory Shanghai complex could be viewed below. 

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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