Tesla Model 3 owner outsmarts thieves with mobile app features, forces them to abandon it

Last year, in the United States, a vehicle was stolen every 40 seconds, but one Tesla Model 3 owner refused to give up without a fight.

She did not, however, use force, but rather the technology that keeps owners connected to their vehicles.

According to Australia’s A Current Affair, Annabelle Brett was getting ready to go to work when she received a message that her car alarm was going off. A friend went to the Model 3 to check it and soon noticed that it had been stolen.

Although at this point, most people would just call the cops, Brett fired up the Tesla app and noticed that her car was “just around the corner.” Given its near proximity, the duo decided to track down the robbers and involve the authorities.

That was not enough, however, for Brett, who recalled that she can remotely change vehicle settings using the app. She lowered the windows as a result, honked the horn and “basically screw[ed] with them as they were driving it.”

Ultimately, the robbers wanted to ditch the vehicle and run. Unfortunately for them, they made a number of mistakes in their rush to get away. In addition to leaving behind a toolbox, one of the robbers allegedly left his driver’s license in a self-addressed envelope. If that wasn’t damning enough evidence, Tesla’s Sentry Mode captured it all.

Despite all this, police have been able to identify one of the suspects quickly. The other perpetrator was allegedly arrested as well.

Though it is tragic that the robbers were able to steal the vehicle in the first place, advanced technology and fast thinking finally saved the day.

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