Tesla Model 3 nails Top Gear’s ‘24-hr endurance test’ and charms hosts

In the debut episode of BBC’s Top Gear Season 29, the Tesla Model 3 was recently featured with the car competing in what the show dubbed as a 24-hour endurance test. The show’s hosts, Chris Harris Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness, ended up thoroughly appreciating the Model 3 over the course of the test, both for its performance and entertaining characteristics.

The first episode of Top Gear Season 29 featured a three-way test for today’s best “company cars” available on the market. Three vehicles were selected: the BMW 3-Series and Volvo S60 hybrid, and the all-electric Tesla Model 3. The hosts were off on their 24-hour challenge after dividing the cars between themselves and some good old-fashioned banter.

In true Top Gear fashion, the 24-hour endurance test involved some fast driving, including a hot lap around a closed circuit and a time attack run in a multi-level parking garage. The BMW 3-Series driven by Harris took the win in the hot lap match, but in the multi-level parking garage time attack, the Model 3 driven by McGuinness took a commanding lead. Harris candidly noticed during the run that, due to the vehicle’s acceleration, the Model 3 may potentially be “too fast” for such a test.

However, possibly the most amusing aspect of the Top Gear episode is when the Model 3 was being charged. Harris and Flintoff, both of whom had finished refueling their hybrids, complained that they were bored waiting for the Model 3 to charge, with the hosts not being able to get out of their vehicle during the 24-hour test. This was when McGuinness found something unique in his car: Tesla’s Karaoke feature.

Needless to say, while singing along to some popular tunes, the three hosts continued to enjoy themselves thoroughly. Eventually, the trio also welcomed the crowd to their karaoke session, asking everyone to sing along to “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Flintoff, who confessed jokingly that he was never one to reject a karaoke invitation, noted that he would probably buy the Model 3 only for its fun features.

Typical Top Gear fare was featured in other parts of the show, including Flintoff destroying his Volvo and McGuinness misleading his co-hosts by sneaking out and staying in a hotel. This prompted Harris to announce him and his BMW 3-Series as the challenge winners initially. However, when asked if he would prefer the hybrid as a company car, Harris flat-out claimed that he would personally choose the Tesla instead.

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