A Tesla Model 3 invasion is starting in the US’ second-hand auto segment

While the Tesla Model 3 has been asserting its dominance in the United States’ electric vehicle industry, the all-electric sedan is also starting an invasion in another key market–the country’s second-hand electric car segment. 

Last fall, the Tesla Model 3 made up only 3.5% of the United States’ used EV inventories. This was not bad at all for a relatively new vehicle like the Model 3, but over the past six months, the all-electric sedan’s share in the US’ used car market nearly doubled to 6.5%. As per a statement from Recurrent, a vehicle sales data firm, the Tesla Model 3’s share in the used EV market may be poised for exponential growth.

Addressing the Model 3’s rise as one of the United States’ most popular used electric cars, Recurrent CEO Scott Case noted that it would not be too much of a surprise if the entry-level Tesla ends up commanding 40-50% of the US’ used EV market in the coming years. “The Model 3 invasion of the used EV market has begun. It could be 40-50% of all used EV sales in the US within a few years, matching its market share in 2018 of new EV sales,” Case said. 

The rise of the Tesla Model 3 as a used EV star is not the only notable aspect of Recurrent’s recent report. Based on the firm’s data, the trend in the country’s electric car market so far has been a decrease in overall vehicle inventory as well, particularly among Teslas, GMs, and Fiats. This suggests that electric vehicles from these carmakers are being bought up faster than their stock could be replenished. Dealerships across the country have cited inventory shortages on used cars in general as well. 

Teslas tend to keep their value longer than typical electric cars, with recent data from vehicle search engine iSeeCars.com concluding that the Tesla Model 3 is actually not a good car to purchase second hand for budget-conscious car buyers. As per the firm’s data, a good number of used Model 3s in the market are priced very close to their brand new cost, with some cars in the market being only $923 cheaper than their newly-produced counterparts. 

The fact that the Model 3 is still taking over a good part of the US’ second-hand EV segment is incredibly impressive considering the high price of second-hand units. If any, it highlights the strong demand for the all-electric sedan. It also proves CEO Elon Musk’s thesis that Tesla’s main challenge is its capacity to produce enough cars for its customers, not the demand for its vehicles. 

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