Tesla reportedly plans to show off new Model 3 ‘Highland’ during Musk’s China visit

Tesla is reportedly planning to show off its new Model 3 “Highland” during CEO Elon Musk’s visit in China this Thursday.

Tesla has been rumoredly developing a new, revamped version of its mass-market sedan for nearly a year. Last year, several reports came out during the Fall that indicated Tesla was in the process of updating several parts of the vehicle, including its infotainment system and some exterior designs.

It turned out that Tesla had been planning to develop the vehicle for some time, as Teslarati discovered filings from the Fremont Factory with the Highland nametag that dated back to last Summer, basically confirming the project was moving forward.

Now nearly a year in, Tesla is reportedly planning to show off the new vehicle on Thursday during Musk’s trip in China, where he’s been for most of the week, according to Bloomberg.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the publication said the updated version of the sedan is “slightly longer and sportier than the earlier version,” and the interior is also “sleeker.”

Tesla could be planning to roll out some other features, because initial reports last Fall stated the infotainment systems were also getting new functionality as a part of the massive overhaul.

Musk made it to China earlier this week, and it is his first visit to the country in three years. During his visit, he met with several government leaders.

Despite Musk’s prolonged absence from the country, China has been a strong market for the electric automaker, contributing to a majority of its sales through both domestic and exported sales from its factory there, known as Giga Shanghai.

Tesla has operated Giga Shanghai as an export hub for several years, shipping vehicles to Europe mostly. However, earlier this month, Tesla started shipping vehicles from China to North America, specifically Canada.

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