Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Spotted Testing on German Autobahn Ahead of Launch

Key Points

  • 🔍 A Tesla Model 3 “Highland” prototype, speculated to be a refreshed version of the mass-market sedan, was seen on the German Autobahn before its imminent launch.
  • 🚗 The Model 3 “Highland” represents the latest iteration of Tesla’s popular sedan, expected to undergo significant updates compared to its original 2017 version.
  • 🌟 Previous modifications to the Model 3 have been mostly cosmetic, but the “Highland” version is anticipated to feature a substantial overhaul including changes to its front end, lighting, and infotainment system.
  • 🌍 The Highland Model 3 has been spotted on roads in China and the US, hinting at production from both the Shanghai and Fremont Tesla factories.
  • 🌡️ Recent sightings include high-temperature testing in China, suggesting that a launch might be imminent.
  • 🛒 Reports indicate that the car could hit Chinese showrooms by the end of the current month, with mass production potentially starting in late September.
  • 📈 Given the Model 3’s existing popularity, the redesign could potentially rejuvenate sales for the electric sedan, which is currently Tesla’s second-best-selling vehicle after the Model Y.
  • 💰 While Tesla has not disclosed pricing yet, introducing a more affordable version of the sedan could help boost its popularity amidst increasing competition from cheaper electric vehicles in various markets.

Upcoming Launch: A Tesla Model 3 variant, rumored to be the revamped “Highland” version of the popular mass-market sedan, has been captured on the German Autobahn as its launch draws near.

The Model 3 “Highland” represents Tesla’s latest iteration of its widely successful sedan introduced in 2017. While the Model 3 has received several minor cosmetic updates in recent years, a comprehensive overhaul is anticipated with the arrival of the “Highland” version.

After its introduction in the summer of 2022, Tesla initiated the development of a fresh appearance for the vehicle, encompassing a redesigned front end, new lighting elements, and reportedly, an extensively revamped infotainment system as stated in initial reports by Reuters last year.

Significantly, the Highland variant of the Model 3 has been spotted on roadways in both China and the United States, hinting that Tesla’s manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Fremont are likely engaged in producing this newly redesigned Model 3 version.

Now, it has been spotted on the German Autobahn.

Most recently, the Model 3 Highland was spotted high-temperature testing in China as the vehicles are preparing for what appears to be an imminent launch.

Other reports have suggested the car could be in showrooms in China by the end of this month, with mass production slated to begin as soon as late September.

With the Model 3 already being one of Tesla’s best-sellers, there is an indication that the new design could help reignite sales of the all-electric sedan as it is now the company’s second-best-selling vehicle behind the Model Y.

While pricing has yet to be announced by Tesla, a new, more affordable version of the sedan could help reignite the popularity of the vehicle as cheaper EVs flood the market in various regions.

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