Tesla cues new glovebox design with Model 3 Highland

Key Points

  • 🧲 The new Tesla Model 3 Highland features an improved glovebox with a magnetic latch system.
  • 🚗 The magnetic latch simplifies the design, reduces components, and offers a satisfying closing experience.
  • 🌟 Advantages of the magnetic latch include increased durability and ease of use.
  • 📋 The glovebox still includes features like the USB dashcam flash drive and the ability to set a custom PIN for unlocking.
  • 🌐 Other new features in the Model 3 Highland include a blind spot indicator, removal of a shifting stalk, modified airbag placement, and more.

The new Tesla Model 3 Highland has several new design features, including a redesigned exterior, dashboard ambient lighting, and an increased range. One feature that hasn’t had much attention is the improved glovebox, which Tesla has updated to include a new latch system.

Tesla has added a magnetic latch to the glovebox in the Model 3 Highland, as spotted in a recent review of the electric sedan by Out of Spec Reviews (via Not a Tesla App). Instead of using a traditional latching mechanism, the glovebox closes using magnets, as depicted in the video review.

In the video taken at the Model 3 Highland exhibit at the IAA Mobility auto show in Münich, Germany, Out of Spec host Kyle opens and closes the glovebox, showing how the door latches when nearing the magnetic top. The change makes sense considering Tesla’s attempts to reduce components in the new Model 3, and it also just appears satisfying to use.

The magnetic glovebox could have many advantages over a conventional latch, even beyond simplifying parts and cutting costs. Compared to traditional latches, the magnetized mechanism could offer increased durability over time without a physical part that may be prone to breaking.

The magnetized glove compartment also appears easier to use than a traditional latch. The magnets allow the user a seamless closing experience, with Kyle demonstrating how the glovebox door closes on its own when it nears the upper part of the dashboard. The opening of the glovebox looks slightly different than the pre-refresh Model 3, appearing to be a bit sleeker.

Kyle shows that the inside of the glovebox includes the USB dashcam flash drive, just like Tesla’s previous models. In addition, the Model 3 Highland’s owner’s manual shows that the glovebox will still let you set a custom four-digit PIN to unlock.

Many other new features have been demonstrated for the Model 3 Highland since being added to Tesla’s order configurator in several countries. Other additions include a new blind spot indicator, the removal of a shifting stalk along with a manual gear selector above the infotainment screenmodified airbag placement, and more.

An update on Friday showed drone footage from outside Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai preparing to ship a huge batch of Model 3 Highland vehicles to Europe. It isn’t yet clear when the refreshed Model 3 will become available for those in North America, though its expected to be added to the continent’s order configurators soon.

You can watch the full Out of Spec review of the refreshed Model 3 Highland at IAA Mobility, with the glovebox demo happening around 23:14.

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