Tesla stocks up on Model 3 Aero & Model Y Gemini wheel covers

Tesla has rolled out some updates to its official online shop, with the company recently posting listings for spare Aero and Gemini wheel covers for the Model 3 and Model Y, respectively.

Tesla’s Aero Wheel covers in the online shop are for the Model 3’s 18″ wheels. At $25 apiece, the Aero covers for the Model 3 are reasonably priced. The same is true for the Model Y’s Gemini Wheel covers, which are compatible for the vehicle’s 19″ wheels and cost $35 per piece.

Customers who wish to order a Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel cover are advised to be specific about their order, as pre-refresh and refreshed versions of the vehicle have slightly different Aero Wheel cover designs. The new Aero Wheel designs were rolled out in October 2020, together with a number of updates for the Model 3.

The addition of spare Aero and Gemini wheel covers for the Model 3 and Model Y in the Tesla Shop would likely be appreciated by electric vehicle owners. This is because wheel covers tend to get scuffed and scratched over time. In more extreme cases, some even end up being lost or stolen.

The Model 3’s Aero Wheels and the Model Y’s Gemini Wheels are particularly popular among Tesla buyers since they are designed to maximize range and comfort. They also come as the default option for the vehicles, with larger wheels like the Model 3’s Sport Wheels and the Model Y’s Induction Wheels costing more.

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