Tesla Megapack receives huge software update, may save operators millions

The Tesla Megapack has received a software update, which a company representative claims could save operators “muli-millions.”

The current all-star on the Tesla Energy lineup is the Megapack. With its incredible ability to help communities save millions of dollars while reducing their carbon footprint, it’s no wonder the product has a two-year backlog of customers, which is only expected to grow. Now, further enticing customers, the Megapack has received a massive software update that improves its ease of use, reaction speed, and even “de-risks” its implementation, according to an announcement from a Tesla employee.

The announcement of the new software update was posted on LinkedIn earlier this morning and was first reported by Electrek and Sawyer Merrit on Twitter. Since the initial report, the LinkedIn post has been taken down by the Tesla employee, but the changes to the Tesla Megapack manual page remain.

As noted in the post from the Tesla employee Chris Bowman, a Senior Staff Product Manager, the Tesla energy storage solution update is extensive. Perhaps most important to utilities, the Megapack will now react quicker to demand requirements, which aids in its primary use case of being a replacement for fossil fuel “peaker plants,” plats that help meet peak demand.

Bowman’s post explains, “This matters because time and time again our competitors fail on control system commissioning, causing multi-million dollar losses and 3-4 month project delays.”

Beyond this speed improvement, Megapack’s overall “Controls Platform” has become easier to use and better designed for distinct markets, including the United States, Australia, and others. “Unlike our competitors, who deploy bespoke and un-tested RTAC controls, Tesla’s innovative control system engineers productize regionally specific Control Templates,” Bowman notes. “Our approach provides EPCs with turnkey control solutions that work the first time; and meet the needs driven by electrical topology of large plants, the interconnection type, and regulations.”

As Tesla looks to dramatically increase its marketshare in the commercial and consumer energy business over the next decade and beyond, software updates like this will become exponentially more important. Not only will it ensure that operations remain safe and effective, but it will also help meet the growing power needs globally, which desperately need energy storage solutions.

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