Tesla Megapack Installation at Giga Texas continues to take shape

Key Points

  • 🏭 Recent photos from Gigafactory Texas indicate significant progress in the installation of the Megapack farm.
  • 🔋 Tesla has installed 24 out of the planned 68 Megapacks at the site, as observed in the images.
  • 📄 The battery storage system at Giga Texas will consist of 68 Megapack batteries rated at 2 MW each, totaling a power capacity of 131 MW and energy capacity of 262.1 MWh.
  • 🌍 This makes the Megapack installation in Giga Texas larger than the initial Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia, which was considered the world’s largest battery at the time.
  • 🚧 The buildout and expansion of the Megapack farm continue, as shown by ongoing work on the south end expansion and Model Y shipments from Giga Texas.

Recent photos from Gigafactory Texas suggest that the buildout of the facility’s Megapack farm is well underway. As per images of the installation, Tesla has so far installed 24 of the 68 Megapacks at the site. 

The photos were shared by longtime Gigafactory Texas watcher Jeff Roberts, who has been capturing the developments at the complex since its early days. During a recent drone flyover, Roberts observed that even more Megapacks had been installed at the site’s battery storage area.

A copy of a document from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) showed that Giga Texas’ battery storage system will be comprised of 68 Megapack batteries that are rated at 2 MW each. The document also indicated that the system is listed as 345 kV. 

“The Plant is a Battery Energy Storage System (‘BESS’) facility with one Point of Interconnection to the grid. The Plant nameplate rating will be approximately 163.2-MVA of AC power (with a maximum real power rating of 131.05-MW) at the inverter 480VAC terminals (low voltage),” the document read. 

Considering the specs of the Megapack batteries on Tesla’s official website and the fact that the battery installation would be comprised of 68 energy storage units, it would appear that the power of the system would be 131 MW, and its energy would be at 262.1 MWh. 

This would make the Megapack installation in Giga Texas larger than the initial iteration of the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia, which featured 100 MW of power and 129 MWh of energy when it was installed in 2017. At the time of its deployment, the Hornsdale Power Reserve was considered the largest battery in the world. 

Watch a recent drone flyover of the Giga Texas complex in the video below. 

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