Tesla Megapack powers £75M BESS in Europe, the continent’s largest

Tesla Megapacks are powering the massive £75 million battery energy storage system (BESS) funded by Harmony Energy Income Trust Plc., the largest in Europe. The project officially opened last week.

Located at Pillswood near Cottingham, East Yorkshire, the facility is capable of storing up to 196 MWh of energy in a single cycle, which could power roughly 300,000 homes in the area for two hours.

“Battery energy storage systems are essential to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy in the UK, and we hope this particular one highlights Yorkshire as a leader in green energy solutions,” Peter Kavanaugh, CEO of Harmony Energy Limited, said.

The project just recently opened and is vital for the country’s transition to more sustainable energy sources and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Utilizing renewable energy sources, including wind, the BESS stores energy for times when there are power outages. BESS systems store the energy for when these sources are not produced.

The Megapack has become one of the ideal choices for large-scale BESS projects, being utilized in Europe, Australia, and other regions to help communities, towns, and other areas use more sustainable energy sources for powering homes and avoid outages and blackouts in storms or other disasters.

The Megapack is in high demand, and Tesla estimates that it will not be available until Q4 of next year due to its use in large-scale energy storage applications.

This is not the only project that will be introduced, funded, and developed by Harmony Energy Limited and the Income Trust. This is the first of six that will be delivered in the coming year. It is the third project of its kind and the largest that it has developed and delivered thus far.

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