Tesla includes “The Reacher” for Model S and Model X customers in the UK

Earlier this year, Tesla confirmed that it would only be producing Left Hand Drive (LHD) variants of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV. This resulted in the two flagship vehicles being made unavailable in Right Hand Drive (RHD) countries like Australia and New Zealand. 

But for countries like the UK, which allow LHD vehicles despite its roads being mostly populated by RHD cars, the Model S and Model X are still sold. This does not mean to say that there are no disadvantages for drivers who drive LHD cars in the UK, however, as things like drive-thru restaurants and toll booths are optimized for RHD cars. 

This appears to be Tesla’s motivation for including an item called “The Reacher” with the Model S and Model X. As could be seen in images shared by the electric vehicle community, “The Reacher” is a pretty simple grabbing stick that would help drivers reach items through the passenger window. This would be useful for things like drive-thru items, which would likely be handed over from the passenger side of the Model S and Model X. 

The inclusion of “The Reacher” has received some interesting reactions from the electric vehicle community. Some found it amusing to see Tesla adding an accessory that is designed to reduce the inconvenience that the Model S and Model X would give its owners due to their LHD configuration. Others criticized Tesla for including a rather cheap “litter picker” accessory on its vehicles because the company opted to cancel the RHD variants of the Model S and Model X. 

The Tesla Model S and Model X are the electric vehicle maker’s best-performing and most technologically-capable cars today, and they are priced according to their flagship status. It was then understandable why several Model S and Model X buyers were disappointed when the company opted to cancel the vehicles’ RHD variants. 

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