Tesla driver tries cheating license exam with Autopilot

The Tesla driver of the TESLAPEG YouTube channel sneakily turned on the Autopilot system of his all-electric car to retake his driver’s license test. Unfortunately, the apparently very observant DMV examiner didn’t seem to be fooled.

During Shpataj’s license test, the DMV examiner found the blue steering wheel in the driving visualizations of the infotainment system. “All right quick question. What was that little blue symbol? Was that like some kind of auto steer or cruise control thing?”

By coyly explaining Autopilot as a basic driver assist, the Tesla owner tried to avoid the question. “It doesn’t really help you drive. It just kinda assists you,” he said.

For a moment, the DMV examiner excused himself. He had some unfortunate news for the Tesla owner when he came back. “Alright, I’m going to have to fail you unfortunately,” he said.

It was implied, based on the incident shown on the driver’s TESLAPEG YouTube page, that the reason he failed was because during the test he used Autopilot. Many people in the comments shared that during a license test, some DMVs do not even allow backup cameras, let alone a driver assistance system, especially one as advanced as Tesla’s Autopilot.

Many DMVs forbid the use of automatic driving assist systems during a licensing test, according to Driving Tests. Some DMVs can require certain features to be disabled by license applicants.

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