Tesla launches discounts for Model S and Model X in China

Tesla China has rolled out fresh incentives for the Model S sedan and Model X SUV. As per an announcement on the company’s official Weibo page, the Model S and Model X line in China has been given a new round of discounts. 

As per a graphic posted by Tesla China, the Model S Long Range could now be purchased for RMB 773,900 ($106,690), while the Model S Plaid, the electric vehicle maker’s best-performing car in its lineup today, could be purchased for RMB 988,900 ($136,330). 

For comparison, Tesla China’s official website lists the Model S Long Range with a price of RMB 808,900 ($111,515), while the Model S Plaid is listed on the country’s online configurator with a price of RMB 1,028,900 ($141,844). 

The Model X also received some discounts from the electric vehicle maker. As per Tesla’s poster on Weibo, the Model X Long Range could be purchased the RMB 863,900 ($119,097). The Model X Plaid, an all-electric SUV with comparable performance as supercars on the quarter-mile, could be purchased for a discounted price of RMB 1,013,900 ($139,776).

On Tesla China’s official website, the Model X Long Range is listed with a price of RMB 898,900 ($123,922) and the Model X Plaid is listed with a price of RMB 1,058,900 ($145,980). 

Tesla China’s recently shared poster on Weibo listed a number of other incentives for buyers of the Model S and Model X. As per the graphic, an additional RMB 7,000 ($965) referral incentive would also be applied to qualified transactions. Free 3-year or 6-year Supercharging was also mentioned, as well as a 90-day free trial of Enhanced Autopilot, which is arguably the best bang-for-the-buck driver-assist software suite from Tesla today. 

The Tesla Model S and Model X do not sell as many units as their more affordable stablemates, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. Despite their relatively low sales figures in comparison to the two mainstream EVs, the Model S and Model X are important parts of Tesla’s lineup. This is because they represent the best that the electric vehicle has to offer today. 

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