Tesla Keeps Improving Battery Management System & Cell Tech, Boosts Model X and S Range

Tesla also updated the range of the Model X Long Range Dual Motor AWD and the Model S Performance with the rollout of the Model 3 ‘refresh.’ Both vehicles are now seemingly closing in on the 400-mile mark, which is quite remarkable in their own right considering that the Model S and Model X still utilize 18650 cells, the same battery form factor that the company used in the original Tesla Roadster.

The Tesla Model X Long Range Dual Motor AWD, which was already impressive with its previous EPA-estimated range of 351 miles per charge, now holds an EPA-estimated range of 371 miles. This speaks a lot about the constant improvements made by Tesla to the vehicle, particularly considering that the Model X is the heaviest and largest of the current EV lineup of the electric car manufacturer.

The same is true for the Model S Performance, with its supercar-beating 0-60 mph time of 2.3 seconds, the quickest of the company’s current offerings. Like its Long Range Dual Motor AWD counterpart, the Model S Performance is not tuned for maximum efficiency, the vehicle now has a range of 387 miles per charge. That’s over twice the Porsche Taycan Turbo S EPA range, which has an estimated EPA range of 192 miles.

Like the Model X Long Range, the Model S Performance utilizes a battery pack of 100 kWh comprised of 18650 cells. The size of the battery packs of the two vehicles remained the same as their initial Model X 100D and Model S P100D iterations, which had a range of 295 miles and 315 miles per charge, respectively.

Given that the Model X Long Range and Model S Performance have retained their battery pack size and cell form factor of 18650, it is evident that Tesla’s massive range enhancements over the years have been the result of major optimization in the design of the vehicles. These include suspension improvements that were rolled out in 2019 in the form of “Raven” updates to Model S and Model X, as well as constant improvements to battery cells, according to CEO Elon Musk’s statements.

It is quite impressive that the Model S Performance and the Model X Long Range are now closer to 400 miles despite still having the same battery pack of 100 kWh and 18650 batteries. More significantly, these developments suggest the exciting specs of Tesla’s next-generation vehicles, which will use the custom-designed 4680 cells of the company, which have 5x the volume of the 2170 cells of Model 3 and Model Y, which are already larger and more energy-dense than the 18650 cells of Model S and Model X.

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