Tesla is building a massive Supercharger Station with 56 V3 Stalls in Firebaugh, CA

Tesla’s Supercharging Network is one of the most significant benefits of the business. From the outset, Tesla realized that quick and widely available charging would be crucial to creating a shared Tesla ecosystem that would allow owners to switch their gas-powered cars to electric ones. The business has invested for convenience in a vast network of Supercharging destinations and has quenched fundamental fears of “range anxiety.”

Twitter user @bryanMackSC discovered that at a new location in Firebaugh, California, Tesla is constructing a supercharging station. In line with his findings, there will be more than 50 stalls.

This location has appeared on supercharge.info today. According to the description, the Firebaugh Supercharger will contain 56 stalls and will be a V3. It will be the largest Tesla Supercharger in the United States to date.

In addition to Supercharging, there will also be a convenience store and restaurant. The Unclassified Conditional Use Permit Application states:

“The proposed convenience store and fuel pumps will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The EV charging stations will be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

This application also confirms that the new Tesla Superchargers in 56 stalls will be located here:

“The existing asphalt parking lot will be repaired, resurfaced, and restriped to provide for 24 standard parking spaces, 4 of which will be ADA accessible. A total of 56 Tesla EV charging spaces will be provided, 2 of which will be ADA accessible ( under separate permit). A total of 9 additional EV charging spaces will be provided, which are not part of Tesla spaces.”

Despite an impressive 56 charging stalls—making the location the largest for Supercharging in the US—it won’t be the largest in the world. It is understood that Tesla is currently constructing a Supercharger station on Giga Shanghai territory which is expected to consist of more than 60 stalls. According to the photo from the video, there will be 4 rows of 16 or 17 charging points in each.

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