Tesla Giga Berlin will reportedly expand by 30 percent to make way for future operations

Tesla is reportedly planning to expand operations at Gigafactory Berlin in Germany. New reports suggest the automaker will make a massive purchase of 100 additional hectares of land near its production facility, known as Gigafactory Berlin, in Grünheide. Tesla plans to use the new land for a freight station and storage purposes while keeping other areas on the property free as it could expand manufacturing operations in the future.

Tesla currently owns nearly 300 hectares of land in Germany where the Gigafactory Berlin plant currently stands. However, reports from German media outlet rbb24 now indicate that Tesla has plans to purchase an additional 100 hectares on the site, which would expand operations at the facility.

According to the report, Tesla wants to keep vacant land that it already owns on the Giga Berlin property free so that it can expand manufacturing operations later on. The additional 100 hectares that the automaker could purchase would be used for storage and a possible freight station for material transport.

RBB24 said in its report that “official circles” have been discussing the potential expansion of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin property ownership. The site would be located east of the Tesla factory between the RE1 railway line and the L23 and L38 state roads, the report suggests.

The price for the additional 100 hectares of land Tesla intends to purchase is currently unclear. However, Tesla received an unbelievable deal for the 300-hectare property it obtained that now houses the Gigafactory Berlin production plant. Tesla paid just €40.91 million, or $45.48 million, or about €13.52 per square meter for the property located in Grünheide. This was significantly less than what Tesla paid in Shanghai, which was slightly more than $140 million for just 86.5 hectares.

Like Giga Berlin, the purchase and planning of the site will have to be approved by the Municipality of Grünheide, which could discourage some investors who were up to date on the bureaucratic processes Germany offered to Tesla. Gigafactory Berlin was delayed several times due to red tape, which eventually subsided and Tesla was able to begin operations in early 2022. Tesla reportedly wants to propose to the community representatives to begin taking initial steps in June. All authorities, including the water association Strausberg-Erkner, have to approve Tesla’s plans.

Construction could begin as soon as June 2023 at the earliest, the report concludes. There is the potential for a lot of discussion for the project as the site still is in a water protection area. Pine forest is currently growing on the land as well, and Tesla will likely have to replace the fallen timber, a project it promised to complete during Giga Berlin’s first phases by returning the trees three-fold.

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