Tesla Giga Shanghai staff to help Fremont Factory become more efficient: report

If there is one thing that Tesla China’s team at Gigafactory Shanghai knows very well, it is how to improve the output of an electric vehicle factory. With this in mind, it appears that Tesla is looking to tap into the talents of its Giga Shanghai team to help the Fremont Factory increase its output. 

Tesla’s original electric vehicle plant is the Fremont Factory, which the company acquired in 2010. But while the factory itself has been responsible for much of the company’s growth over the years, it is, at its core, designed to produce internal combustion cars. It was then unsurprising that eventually, Giga Shanghai, which was built from the ground up as an EV factory, was able to overtake the Fremont Factory in output. 

Citing people reportedly familiar with the matter, Bloomberg News noted that about 200 people from Giga Shanghai would be heading to California on assignments that will last at least three months. The publication’s sources noted that the first workers are setting off as soon as this month. The Tesla China staff, which will reportedly be comprised of automation and control engineers, would be tasked with helping increase the productivity of the Fremont plant. 

Tesla China has not issued a comment about the matter. 

Tesla China has made remarkable progress in Gigafactory Shanghai. The electric vehicle maker delivered a record 83,135 cars in China in September following upgrades to the facility, which took about five weeks. The upgrades to Giga Shanghai are expected to have improved the facility’s output to about 1 million vehicles per year. 

The improvements to Giga Shanghai were teased in the shortened delivery dates of the Made-in-China Model Y, which are now as short as 1-4 weeks. Previously, the estimated wait time for the vehicle went as far as 22 weeks. 

For context, Tesla’s Fremont Factory is able to produce about 650,000 cars per year. Even in its state, however, the Fremont plant already stands as one of the United States’ most productive car factories. With the help from Giga Shanghai’s team, there seems to be little doubt that Fremont would become even better. 

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