Tesla Giga Berlin ramps production to 5,000 vehicles per week

Tesla Giga Berlin has reached an annual run rate of 260,000 vehicles, the company confirmed.

Tesla officially announced that its factory outside of Berlin built 5,000 vehicles in a week this past week, just one year after starting deliveries to European customers.

The growth of Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory is remarkable, considering less than a month ago, the automaker announced that it reached a run rate of 4,000 vehicles per week, well ahead of schedule.

Considering Tesla just celebrated the factory’s one-year anniversary earlier this week, the growth and ramp-up of Tesla’s first vehicle production facility in Europe have been imperative to the company’s success in the region.

Europe is one of the most competitive markets for electric vehicles, and it was long dominated by companies that have long called the region home. Volkswagen was the company that had the most sales by manufacturer before Tesla came into the region with Giga Berlin.

Prior to Tesla’s construction and kick-off of production and deliveries from the factory, it exported vehicles from Giga Shanghai, its Chinese production facility, and brought them into the continent to support demand.

Tesla is likely ramping production at an accelerated rate in Berlin as it continues its end-of-quarter push, which is somewhat traditional for the automaker as it attempts to push as many deliveries as it can to establish quarter-over-quarter growth.

Pictures from @wolfpackberlin (via @Berlinergy) show that Tesla lots around Giga Berlin are full of vehicles that are being prepared for customer deliveries.

These vehicles will be delivered to German customers, and others in surrounding areas as the automaker continues to pad its Q1 2023 delivery statistics.

Registration data tracked by EU-EVs shows Tesla has dominated 2023 thus far. Tesla has sold 36,036 vehicles thus far, owning 19.5 percent of the European market thus far. Volkswagen is in second, and its 21,552 sales account for 11.7 percent of the total market.

Tesla is also planning to expand production at Giga Berlin to reach one million vehicles per year, and it submitted its application for the expansion earlier in March.

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