Tesla launches Giga Berlin hiring spree with 28 new job postings in three days

Tesla is preparing for Giga Berlin’s first operational period in what is expected to be July 2021 by posting several new employment opportunities at the electric automaker’s initial European vehicle production facility.

In the past three days, Tesla has listed 28 new job postings in a wide range of categories. From Human Resources to Construction & Facilities to Engineering & Information Technology and beyond, Tesla is gearing up for the final touches on the construction processes and the initial portions of vehicle manufacturing at the site. Past reports from Germany have indicated that Tesla will hire around 7,000 employees ahead of the manufacturing phase’s initial runout. The automaker has already hired some of those 7,000, with many being placed as warehouse employees as of November 2020. Additional jobs have likely been fulfilled since then, but which positions Tesla has hired so far remain unknown.

Some of the new jobs involve training new employees, a Human Resources position, others have to do with CAD design, others have to do with manufacturing. However, with the first date of production quickly approaching, there is no secret that Tesla is looking to fill these positions in an efficient manner. July 2021 has been listed as the month when production and deliveries of the Model Y could begin.

One of the more notable additions to Tesla’s Career page relating to jobs in Grünheide is a Manufacturing Engineer who will assist in Press/Stamping lines.

Tesla has used stamping methods for some of its vehicle parts, including the Model Y body and the Model 3 frunk. Additionally, the Giga Press has been one of the automaker’s true claims to fame in terms of manufacturing. The Giga Press has been effective for creating single-piece rear castings for the Model Y crossover. The Model Y will be the first car built at the Giga Berlin facility.

Tesla utilizes the Giga Press at its Fremont Factory in Northern California and recently shared a video of the massive machine in action. The Giga Press’s purpose is to eliminate the number of parts that make up a casting, making manufacturing more efficient and less time-consuming. It also can improve the durability and rigidity of the vehicle’s structure in the event of an accident.

Giga Berlin could be Tesla’s golden goose in terms of breaking through a highly-competitive European EV market. While Tesla performed well in the German EV market in February, displacing Volkswagen from dominating the podium, the automaker has not performed well collectively in the European sector. According to the EV Sales Blog, no Tesla vehicles managed to crack the Top 20 in sales in January 2021, but Giga Berlin will likely change Tesla’s mediocre performance.

Original Publication by Joey Klender at Teslarati.

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