Tesla Full Self-Driving negotiates pedestrian traffic and safely turns right on red light

Tesla launched the beta version of the next big Full Self-Driving (FSD) update on October 20th, which should greatly upgrade the proprietary Autopilot system from the current Level 2 to the highest, Level 5, giving the company’s vehicles the ability to travel independently without any driver assistance. Based on the reviews from the owners who have gained access to FSD Beta, the system simply boggles the mind and indeed brings driving to a whole new level.

In this video, we can see that a pedestrian crossing was identified by FSD Beta and the vehicle stopped. Furthermore, a pedestrian who was going to walk on the road was marked, let them pass, and only then proceeded to drive, turning safely onto a busy road. By carefully observing the screen, even before it reached the road, you can see that the system “saw” the pedestrian in advance.

The videos, which can be found on Twitter and on YouTube, show FSD Beta in the daytime and at night. In them, we can see how Tesla vehicles drive independently along the city’s highways and roads, slowing down and accelerating automatically, moving from one lane to another to make a turn or exit, crossing intersections, halting at a red traffic light, bypassing obstacles and being watchful to cyclists.

Despite the fact that the device can still make mistakes in certain cases, in general, we can see how much Tesla has advanced on the road to Level 5 Autonomy. It is even more remarkable that FSD is just a beta version at the moment β€” just the initial stage in a series of changes and improvements. A very significant argument is that FSD Beta is currently developing itself in real time; that is, to understand and begin incorporating new learning, it does not require an OTA software update.

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