Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 on real-world roads is impressive so far — Autopark, not so much

More videos of Tesla’s FSD Beta V11.3 in action have been shared online, and so far, they are quite impressive. Tesla’s unified FSD stack really seems to have made the system more confident and smooth, especially on inner-city streets and highways. Autopark, however, still has a lot of areas for improvement. 

Tesla investor and FSD Beta tester @Winnersechelon has posted several new videos showcasing V11.3 in action. The Tesla owner was fortunate enough to receive the V11.3 update as it rolled out. Since receiving V11.3, the FSD Beta tester sharing several videos of the highly-anticipated update in action.

Overall, the FSD Beta tester noted that V11.3 definitely feels like a notable improvement compared to its previous iterations. It’s more confident and smoother, and it accelerates at a suitable speed. Despite going from highways to inner-city streets, the system’s performance suggests that FSD Beta V11.3 does not represent negative progress

Interestingly enough, the FSD Beta tester also posted a video of his vehicle engaging its Autopark function at a parking lot. Based on the short clip, and as observed by longtime Tesla watchers online, FSD Beta V11.3’s Autopark still behaved like before, which meant that it left a lot to be desired. This was quite evident in the system’s unnecessary maneuvers before it guided the vehicle into the selected parking spot. 

It should be noted, however, that FSD Beta V11.3 is just the first iteration of Tesla’s advanced driver-assist system that uses a unified software stack. As Tesla continues improving FSD and Autopilot’s performance, features such as Autopark will likely see more substantial improvements over time. 

Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 was highly-anticipated. A look at the update’s release notes suggests that the excitement surrounding V11.3 is well-founded. Apart from the utilization of a unified software stack for both highway and inner-city street driving, Tesla also rolled out some key improvements to FSD Beta’s behaviors on the road. These include better reaction time to red light runners and stop light runners, as well as handling improvements through high-speed and high-curvature scenarios. 

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