Elon Musk explains Tesla’s FSD ‘Download Beta’ button and its expected release date

Elon Musk recently remarked that Tesla would be releasing a “Download Beta” button for FSD users. The button, which is part of the company’s efforts to expand the FSD Beta’s user base, is expected to be released with the Build 8.3 update. In a recent set of tweets, Musk shared some additional details about the upcoming FSD “Download Beta” button, as well as the feature’s estimated release date. 

Musk’s update came as a response to Model 3 owner @WholeMarsBlog, who asked if the upcoming button would place Tesla owners in a queue for the FSD Beta. According to Musk, using the feature would actually allow vehicles to download the latest QA-tested FSD Beta build as soon as the car connects to a WiFi network.

In a later tweet, the Tesla CEO added that the FSD Beta’s Build 8.3 should be done QA testing by the end of the following week, which should be around the same time the “Download Beta” button should show up in users’ vehicles. When asked if the FSD Beta will be expanded into Europe, Musk noted that Tesla would be asking regulators for a potential release in the region as well. 

The release of FSD Beta’s Build 8.3 has been teased by the Tesla CEO in recent days, with Musk stating that the update would present ~1,000 improvements to the advanced driver-assist system. Musk posted a warning that the QA process for FSD Beta Build 8.3 would take some time, though he remarked that the update’s release is definitely coming. 

The first iteration of the FSD Beta was released in late October last year, and since then, the system has received several important updates from the electric car maker. Videos shared by members of the company’s select group of FSD Beta testers show vehicles operating almost like a human driver at times. Other demos of the feature even included trips from San Francisco to Los Angeles with no human intervention

The Full Self-Driving suite is a key pillar of Elon Musk’s vision for the future of transportation. As he noted during Autonomy Day, Tesla eventually plans to release a network of autonomous Robotaxis that utilizes FSD’s full hands-off version. Granted, Tesla’s FSD Beta still requires drivers to keep their hands at the wheel and monitor the road closely, but if Build 8.3 is indeed as impressive as Elon Musk suggests, the upcoming update could prove to be a definitive step towards achieving autonomy. 

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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