Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 gets green light for all testers with v10.12.2

Tesla started rolling out 10.69.2 to some testers Sunday night. Later, Elon Musk announced that 10.69.2 seemed ready for a wide release to all FSD Beta testers. 

Around 100,000 drivers are part of the FSD Beta program. Musk noted that v.10.69.2 was good to roll out to Tesla owners who still ran v.10.12.2 and have been waiting for 10.69 for a few weeks. 

Tesla rolled out 10.69 in phases. In the first week, only 1,000 Beta testers received 10.69. The following week, Tesla released 10.69.1 to 10,000 more beta testers. The release for v.10.69.2 was initially scheduled for last week, though Tesla delayed the rollout to refine certain issues with v.10.69.1. However, the EV manufacturer released v10.69.1.1 to some more beta testers. 


Over the weekend, Tesla finally released 10.69.2. It cautiously rolled out the update to a few beta testers. Some Beta testers have kept in touch with Teslarati about update 10.69 and shared a few of their insights. 


After several conversations with Beta testers, there are a few issues that they repeatedly bring up. The first and foremost issue that keeps getting mentioned is phantom braking. Although, Beta tester Howard did acknowledge that phantom braking occurred “a little less” after downloading And long-time Early Access software tester Les from Fort Worth, Texas said he rarely experiences phantom braking. 


After phantom braking, the second-most mentioned issue mentioned by Beta testers is turns. Les said that his vehicle didn’t seem to stay in the proper turn lane. He noted that the turning issue has been around since October 2021. 

Beta Tester Robert, who runs FSD Beta 2022.12.3.20, still has difficulty with hard turns. 

“It powers forward and then slams on the brakes at the last minute with turn signal only moments before the turn. It’s inviting rear end collisions and speeding tickets,” he said.


A few Beta testers have also mentioned issues with speed limits. Robert noted problems with speed limit changes. 

“Biggest issue they need to address is the failure of the software to slow the car in advance of speed limit changes, traffic lights, and hard turns. It powers forward and then slams on the brakes at the last minute with [a] turn signal only moments before the turn. It’s inviting rear-end collisions and speeding tickets,” Robert shared.

Model S owner, Howard, told Teslarati that his vehicle ignored some speed signs. He also observed that his Model S would sometimes cruise at 60 mph, but the car’s display would read 35 mph. 

More FSD Beta tester reviews on v. were included in a previous Teslarati article. The verdict is still out on FSD Beta 10.69.2. Testers will probably be sharing their insights in the following week or so. 

Check out DirtyTesla‘s review of 10.69.2 below!

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