Tesla fans are trying to sell their early Cybertruck reservations for big money

Key Points

  • 💰 Tesla fans are capitalizing on the high demand for the Cybertruck by selling their early reservations on eBay.
  • 🚗 The Cybertruck has over 2 million reservations, leading to lengthy waiting periods for newer orders.
  • 💲 Some early reservation holders are attempting to fetch between $5,000 and $10,000 for their spot in line.
  • 🧐 There’s uncertainty about whether Tesla would allow such transfers, and company policies on reservation transfers are unclear.
  • 🚀 Some suggest that taking delivery of the Cybertruck and selling it immediately might be a more reasonable way to profit.
  • 💲 Early VIN Cybertrucks have already garnered high bids in auctions, with one exceeding $400,000 at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Tesla fans are trying to sell their early Cybertruck reservations for big money on eBay.

The Cybertruck is one of Tesla’s most anticipated product releases in its history, and with over 2 million reservations, those who put their orders in more recently may be waiting between 3 and 6 years to configure their pickup and arrange payment and delivery.

Some people who have early reservations, however, are attempting to sell their order, giving whoever is willing to pay a substantial sum of money their early VIN Cybertruck.

According to eBay, where the reservations are currently listed as both Auctions and Buy It Now, some of these order holders are attempting to get between $5,000 and $10,000 for their spot in line.

Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders attempt to sell their early order positions on eBay.

It does not seem like a smart idea because Tesla would likely be able to figure out their reservation and cancel it due to the fact that they are trying to make money off of their $100 deposit and their early spot in the line.

It is unclear whether Tesla would actually do this, and when Teslarati contacted showrooms about a reservation transfer, reps were not sure of the company policy on transferring a Cybertruck reservation. We also reached out to Tesla’s Order Support team, but we did not immediately receive a response.

However, we are thinking Tesla would not be too keen on people selling their spots in line and making thousands of dollars on it.

Personally, it seems much more reasonable to take delivery of the truck and immediately sell it for a profit, especially as those who are further back in the reservation queue would be willing to pay potentially $10,000 or more to have one of the truck’s earliest builds.

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles recently auctioned off an early VIN Cybertruck, and bids exceeded $400,000.

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