Tesla and EV drivers get relief as NSW, Australia takes stand against ICE-ing

New South Wales (NSW), Australia, is taking a stand against one of the most annoying and inconvenient things electric vehicle owners have dealt with for years. As per NSW legislation, owners of combustion-powered vehicles who park in dedicated charging stalls — an act referred to in the EV community as “ICE-ing” — can be fined up to AUD 2,200 (around $1,481). 

As could be seen in the NSW Road Rules, “A driver of a vehicle that is not an electric-powered vehicle must not stop in a parking area for electric-powered vehicles.” The law noted that the maximum penalty for such behavior is 20 penalty units. One penalty unit costs AUD 110, which translates to about $74.

The law did provide some details on how electric vehicle charging locations should be labeled. “A parking area for electric-powered vehicles is a length or area of a road to which a permissive parking sign displaying an electric-powered vehicle symbol applies, or to which an electric-powered vehicle parking sign applies, or indicated by a road marking that consists of, or includes, an electric-powered vehicle symbol,” the law noted. 

The issue of ICE-ing has been happening for some time. And while the act itself usually causes simple inconveniences and annoyances for electric vehicle owners, there have been times in the past when EV drivers have felt unsafe after they were subjected to ICE-ing. Back in 2019, for example, an EV owner in the US was intimidated by several pickup truck owners who were reportedly chanting “f**k Tesla” while ICE-ing several charging stalls

Rules have been put in place to address the issue of ICE-ing. In November 2019, Polizei Berlin posted a couple of images on Twitter showing how a Ford pickup truck was removed by crane from an electric vehicle charging station. The large pickup truck was blocking several charging stalls due to its size.

It should be noted that a considerable number of ICE-ing incidents appear to be the result of other drivers simply parking at charging stalls due to their lack of awareness of the designated function of the spaces. With this in mind, laws like the ones rolled out in NSW, Australia, will likely go a long way towards addressing ICE-ing once and for all. 

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