Tesla Energy shares preview of new mobile app interface

A newly released video showing Tesla’s suite of solar and battery storage products gave an overview of what an update on the company’s mobile app might very well be. Based on the video, it appears that a new user interface with animated elements will soon be available on the Tesla app.

Tesla’s suite of products, including its energy storage units, could be monitored and controlled through its mobile app. This enables Tesla Energy customers to have complete access to the characteristics of their battery storage and solar panel, including those released through an over-the-air software update such as the Storm Watch feature of Powerwall 2.

In the recently released video, the short clip of the modified Tesla mobile app interface shown is very close to the findings of the noted Tesla owner and resident hacker @greentheonly. Green remarked that in a recent series of tweets, he noticed some new media assets for Tesla’s energy products inside a vehicle software update. The hacker stated that, just as they were depicted in the recently released film, the media assets he found were animated.


Interestingly enough, avatars for other energy items such as the Megapack and an object described as an “industrial generator” were included in the new media assets that the Tesla hacker discovered. Also notable was that the assets were found in software for Tesla’s electric cars. This may very well be a coincidence, but speculation indicates that in the future, the company may also be looking at accessing Tesla Energy-related functions from its vehicles.

While Tesla Energy has mostly taken a backseat to the company’s electric vehicle program, in recent years it has seen some notable growth. Tesla announced that its energy storage installations grew from 1.65 GWh in 2019 to over 3 GWh in 2020 in the company’s Q4 FY 2020 Update Letter, reflecting an 83 percent year-over-year rise.

Check out Tesla Energy’s new video here.

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