Tesla continues to dominate industry in brand loyalty

A new report from banking and investing giant Citi has found that Tesla now leads the automotive industry in brand loyalty by a wide margin.

With an increasing amount of competition within the automotive segment, particularly within the market of electric vehicles, a loyal following is proving to be more critical than ever. Luckily, according to a new report from banking and investing group Citi, Tesla has that in spades. Not only has Tesla surpassed traditional brand loyalty leader Ford, but it is further away from the industry average than ever before.

As initially reported by Investing.com, the analysis completed by Citi found that Tesla has a brand loyalty rate of roughly 67%, just over 20 points higher than the industry average of 46%. This means that, unlike the industry average, which is more likely to lose a customer than retain one, Tesla retains a vast majority of the customers it conquers from other brands. Citi found that the Tesla Model 3 had the highest loyalty rate for the brand, while the Tesla Model S had the lowest.

Citi’s analysis results match a similar set of reports from earlier this year, which found that Tesla had toppled Ford as the top loyalty brand.

According to Citi, Tesla’s brand loyalty only seems to be increasing after a brief stint of decrease during 2021. However, it should be noted that a large number of brands suffered a similar loyalty drop during that year.

Looking forward, as an increasing number of EV offerings enter Tesla’s top markets, including North America, Europe, and China, its goal will likely be to maintain and defend its current loyalty rate from the competition. And luckily, with the new Model 3 and Model Y variants on the horizon and the Cybertruck poised to take the North American truck market by storm, Tesla is well-positioned to continue its dominance.

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