Tesla Cyberwhistle sold out in China, knock-offs popping up online for 1/3 the price

The Tesla Cyberwhistle is sold out in China, revealing the car brand’s popularity in the region. Even more revealing is the fact that Cyberwhistle knock-offs have started popping up in Chinese online shops.

The Cyberwhistle costs ¥350 (or $55.07), while it costs $50 in the United States. The Cyberwhistle in China appears to be the same one sold in the U.S. It is also made of medical-grade stainless steel and inspired by the Cybertruck. Tesla China notes that Cyberwhistle returns are not allowed if there are no quality issues because the products “may touch the mouth.”

It doesn’t seem like anyone would choose to return a Tesla Cyberwhistle, though, especially considering that knock-offs have already started circulating online in China. When Tesla owner @Ray4Tesla searched for the Cyberwhistle in Chinese online shops, he found several stores selling knock-offs already at drastically reduced prices. 

Based on some of the photos the Tesla owner shared, the Cyberwhistle knock-offs are selling for as low as ¥118 ($18.57). The highest-priced Cyberwhistle dupe was ¥188 ($295.06) and could be deemed a replica version in the world of knock-offs. The best knock-offs come in a box similar to the genuine article and the card from Tesla. 

The lower-priced Cyberwhistle counterfeits seemed to vary between Grade-A dupes and lower. Some of the dupes seemed slightly different in color, with darker tones than the original Cyberwhistle.

Tesla Cyberwhistle knock-offs hint at the popularity of the EV car brand in China. After all, only the most popular of brands get duped. As for those interested in buying the original Cyberwhistle, it is unclear when or if Tesla China plans to restock the item.

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