Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘arrow-proof’ exoskeleton highlighted in new JRE with Elon Musk

Key Points

  • 🚗 The Tesla Cybertruck’s “arrow-proof” exoskeleton will be featured in an upcoming Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast with Elon Musk.
  • 🎙️ This marks Elon Musk’s fourth appearance on the JRE podcast, with previous ones occurring in 2018, 2020, and 2021.
  • 📸 Joe Rogan recently teased the episode on Instagram, showcasing the Cybertruck’s impressive exterior strength.
  • 🔫 Elon Musk mentioned that they tested the Cybertruck’s durability by firing a Tommy gun at it, with no bullets penetrating the passenger compartment.
  • 💡 In past JRE episodes with Musk, various topics were discussed, including details about the Cybertruck and other subjects like AI, Full Self-Driving, and family.
  • 🚗 Former Ford CEO Mark Fields believes that the electric vehicle industry is transitioning to full battery electric propulsion systems, but the challenging part is mass adoption.
  • 💰 Legacy car companies are still reliant on internal combustion engine (ICE) sales to make profits, which presents a hurdle in the EV transition.
  • 📈 Scaling EV platforms and projects is essential for profitability in the EV business, and the sector is expected to improve and attract more customers over time.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s “arrow-proof” exoskeleton will be highlighted in a new Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Elon Musk that is going to be released today.

This will be Musk’s fourth appearance on the JRE Podcast, as his previous three appearances took place in September 2018, May 2020, and February 2021.

Rogan teased the episode with an Instagram post on Tuesday.

Rogan’s image and caption that highlight the somewhat baffling strength of the Cybertruck’s exterior comes just a few weeks after the automaker displayed a Tommy gun-hit pickup that was driving on a highway.

After the Cybertruck was spotted by someone driving near it and a video was subsequently shared on social media, Musk came out to say that he unloaded a Tommy gun into the side of the all-electric pickup in an attempt to test its durability.

“We emptied the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door Al Capone style,” Musk said on X. “No bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment.

Tesla nor Musk has released the video of the Tommy gun being unloaded into the side of the Cybertruck, but the clip of the pickup that was subjected to this treatment has made its rounds on various social media outlets.

In past episodes of JRE with Musk, he has covered a variety of topics and broken major details regarding the Cybertruck, including Tesla’s reduction of the truck’s dimensions so it would be more manageable to drive.

However, the Tesla CEO’s appearances have not come without controversy. His first appearance included the now-infamous instance of Musk smoking a joint on the podcast, which came with various consequences, including mandatory drug tests so SpaceX could keep its deals with NASA as a government contractor.

Musk revealed this on the Full Send podcast last year with the Nelk Boys.

Other topics that the two have talked about include AI, Full Self-Driving, and family.

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