Tesla Elevates Cybertruck Trolling with Bold Green Toyota Tundra Wrap

Key Points

  • 🚗 A recent Cybertruck sighting revealed a unit wrapped to resemble a green Toyota Tundra.
  • 📸 Tesla has been playfully wrapping Cybertruck units to resemble other vehicle models.
  • 🤣 The wrapped Cybertruck, resembling a Toyota Tundra, used an unattractive green shade for the wrap.
  • 🛻 The Toyota Tundra wrap and color choice seem intentionally humorous, aimed at sparking jokes within the EV community.
  • 🚚 Tesla’s Cybertruck sightings on public roads have increased recently, indicating progress towards deliveries.
  • 🚀 Elon Musk has expressed that the Cybertruck will be a game-changer and Tesla’s magnum opus.

Tesla’s playful approach to the Cybertruck suggests positive progress in its preparations for the upcoming deliveries of the electric pickup. This was hinted at through a recent sighting of an intriguing Cybertruck prototype, cleverly wrapped to resemble a vibrant green Toyota Tundra.

In recent weeks, there has been a noticeable surge in sightings of the Cybertruck on public roads. Among these test units, one stood out as particularly attention-grabbing – it was wrapped to mimic the appearance of a silver Ford F-150. The comical sight of the F-150 wrap contoured to fit the Cybertruck’s unique shape added a touch of humor to the ongoing testing phase.

In a way, the Ford F-150-wrapped Cybertruck might be an inside joke of sorts for Tesla, as CEO Elon Musk himself has spoken highly of the pickup truck in the past. The new wrapped Cybertruck that was spotted on public roads and shared with Teslarati by members of the Cybertruck Owners Club, however, appeared to be something that was intentionally done to incite jokes within the EV community. 

This was because apart from wrapping the Cybertruck in a Toyota Tundra wrap, Tesla appears to have opted for one of the loudest and most unattractive green shades available. Granted, the Toyota Tundra does come with a green color option, as per a press release from the Japanese automaker, but the vehicle comes in Army Green, which is actually quite sophisticated and subtle — not loud like the shade that Tesla used for its wrap. 

Considering the volume of Cybertruck sightings being reported nearly every day over the past weeks, it does seem like Tesla is indeed poised to start deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck to consumers soon. This bodes well for buyers of the vehicle, as pre-orders for the Cybertruck were opened as far back as late 2019. That’s almost four years ago, before the pandemic started. 

While the wait for the Cybertruck has been notable, Tesla executives such as Elon Musk have noted that the vehicle will be well worth the wait. In recent comments that were posted on X, formerly Twitter, Musk reiterated his statement that the Cybertruck would likely be Tesla’s magnum opus, and it would change the look of the roads. 

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