Dedicated Security Team for Tesla Cybertrucks Enforces Stricter Measures Against Leaks

Key Points

  • 🛡️ Tesla is ramping up security efforts to prevent internal leaks and unauthorized photography of its all-electric Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas.
  • 📸 A Model Y security vehicle is stationed in front of new Cybertruck units to deter employees from taking pictures.
  • 🔒 Tesla has enforced consequences for employees leaking images of the Cybertruck, its equipment, or production lines.
  • 🚚 The Cybertruck’s progress details have mostly come from leaks, as Tesla has remained tight-lipped about pricing, configurations, and powertrains.
  • 📅 Despite ongoing speculation, Tesla confirms the Cybertruck’s release this year and is undergoing crash testing.
  • 🔐 Security measures have intensified at Gigafactory Texas to safeguard the Cybertruck, which has undergone improvements since its 2019 unveiling.

In the coming months, Tesla Security is anticipated to encounter significant demands if recent imagery is any indication of their forthcoming responsibilities at Gigafactory Texas.

With the all-electric Cybertruck fostering various speculations as its anticipated but still uncertain initial delivery dates approach, Tesla Security finds itself tasked with preventing the pickup from falling within the viewfinder of employee cameras and potentially other onlookers.

Despite these efforts, they were unable to thwart Jeff Roberts, a local drone operator and observer of Tesla’s Austin-based Gigafactory, who managed to capture several fresh photographs of two pristine Cybertrucks undergoing charging on the factory premises.

As evident, a Model Y security vehicle has been strategically positioned right in front of the two newly arrived Cybertruck units, possibly deployed to deter any potential attempts by employees to capture photographs.

As highlighted in our previous report, Tesla has taken a firm stance on the repercussions awaiting those employees responsible for leaking images of the truck, its components, or production processes. Over the past few months, Tesla has maintained a relatively guarded stance concerning the truck’s development progress, refraining from disclosing pricing details, available configurations, and powertrain options.

Effectively, the sole insights into the Cybertruck’s advancement have come through leaks from employees to media outlets, alongside the vague particulars intermittently provided by Tesla throughout the past eight months.

It’s evident that enhanced security measures have been implemented at Gigafactory Texas to safeguard the Cybertruck due to its unique nature. Over the last four years, there has been substantial speculation about the offerings of Tesla’s pickup. Since its unveiling in November 2019, the Cybertruck has been subjected to rigorous scrutiny by Tesla and has undergone refinements in various aspects, including overall dimensions and certain interior features.

However, certain details still remain uncertain, including the exact delivery timeline, pricing structure, and available configurations. Nevertheless, Tesla has confirmed the truck’s launch within this year, and with mounting indications of ongoing crash testing, it appears that we are drawing closer to the much-anticipated release.

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