Tesla Cybertrucks Departing Giga Texas in Flocks

Key Points

  • 🚚 Tesla Cybertrucks leaving Giga Texas in large numbers.
  • 🏭 Tesla making progress on Cybertruck project after almost four years of development.
  • 📹 Videos show numerous Cybertrucks leaving the Texas factory.
  • ❓ Speculation about where the trucks are headed and their purpose.
  • 🌉 Some speculate initial deliveries might be for high-level employees or those in Northern California.
  • 📅 No official permits or filings for initial delivery event at Fremont in Q3.
  • 🛠️ Fremont is where many Cybertrucks are ending up, while Giga Texas is where they are built.
  • 🏟️ Travis County Commissioner’s Court hasn’t referenced a Tesla Cybertruck event recently.
  • 🚗 Tesla held Giga Fest at Giga Texas in the past; possibility of a Cybertruck Delivery Event.
  • 🤔 Flock of Cybertrucks heading to Fremont indicates event might be held there, but Texas event still possible.

Tesla Cybertrucks are continuously departing from Gigafactory Texas in groups, with videos capturing more units exiting the company’s production facility outside of Austin and being shared on social media. This ongoing trend raises the question: where are these trucks headed and for what purpose?

After nearly four years of development, the Cybertruck is finally making significant progress, edging closer to its initial deliveries. Another batch of Cybertrucks was spotted leaving the Texas factory this morning in substantial numbers, as documented by SE Robinson, Jr. on Twitter.

This procession of vehicles departing Giga Texas has been ongoing for approximately a week now. In the previous week, several Cybertruck units were observed at Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California. This has fueled a range of speculations and rumors about the nature of these early units.

Some theories posit that these initial units might be reserved for high-ranking employees, while others suggest they could be allocated for deliveries in Northern California.

At present, no permits or filings related to an initial delivery event at the Fremont facility have emerged, at least not yet. In the past, Tesla has had to secure permits for holding events at this location, such as the Plaid Delivery Event and a subsequent employee appreciation event.

Despite many Cybertrucks being seen in Fremont, it’s important to note that Giga Texas is the manufacturing hub for these vehicles. Hence, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the event would be hosted at this location.

However, the Travis County Commissioner’s Court has not mentioned any plans for a Tesla Cybertruck event in the past two months. Inquiries were made to the Travis County Fire Marshal, who provided insights into the Giga Fest at Giga Texas last year. The Giga Fest event was arranged by Tesla, and the approval process began in February 2022, with the event taking place in April.

The possibility of a Mass Gathering Permit for a Cybertruck Delivery Event was also explored, but no immediate response was received from the Travis County Fire Marshal.

Given the significant number of Cybertrucks being observed in Fremont, it seems increasingly likely that the event might take place there due to sheer volume. However, the potential for an event in Texas by the end of the year cannot be ruled out entirely.

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