Tesla Cybertruck prototype sports new side mirror design in recent sighting

A Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted on public roads in Palo Alto, California, sporting a new side mirror design.

The Cybertruck is nearing early production phases, and according to Tesla’s Chief Vehicle Designer Franz von Holzhausen, the automaker has finalized the vehicle’s design.

It appears Tesla has experimented with a new side mirror design. If von Holzhausen’s statement rings true, it seems the company will implement a new, triangular side mirror design that fits the sharp edges of the futuristic cyberpunk-inspired vehicle.

An image from the rear quarter panel of the Cybertruck was uploaded by user ftronz on Instagram, who saw the Cybertruck on Tuesday, he told Teslarati, in Palo Alto, where Tesla headquarters is located.

Previous versions of the Cybertruck have equipped more traditional, rectangular side mirrors, or in some instances, no mirrors at all. However, the Cybertruck design is far from ordinary, and Tesla has sparred with the idea of implementing a more sleek design that would utilize a camera-based system.

However, federal safety standards require the use of side mirrors for “Rear Visibility,” according to FMVSS 111. The NHTSA has entertained a potential change in this requirement as “Camera Monitor Systems” could be considered a safe and viable alternative to review mirrors.

CEO Elon Musk has stated that, due to these regulations, manufacturers are required to deliver vehicles with side mirrors. However, some states have different laws regarding mirrors. For example, Utah requires two mirrors, with only one of them being a driver-side mirror. The other could be the cabin rearview mirror. In Oklahoma, one of the two required mirrors must be located on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Over the years, Cybertruck sightings have shown differing designs and ideas for side mirrors. In some instances, the Cybertruck has been completely void of them, and others have equipped various mirror shapes.

With von Holzhausen’s comments recently indicating the design phase has concluded, perhaps this is the side mirror design Tesla will utilize.

Cybertruck production is set to kick off this Summer, Musk said on the recent Q4 2022 Earnings Call. However, volume production is set to begin sometime in 2024 at Gigafactory Texas near Austin.

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