Tesla latest Cybertruck units show impeccable build quality

Key Points

  • 💎 Tesla Cybertruck units at Giga Texas, called “manufacturing confirmation” builds, exhibit impeccable build quality.
  • 🏭 Production lines at the Texas factory were upgraded, leading to the production of these high-quality Cybertruck units.
  • 📸 Images of these Cybertrucks were captured by an observer and drone operator.
  • 🔄 These units are not intended for delivery but serve as validation for the new production lines.
  • 🚗 “Series 9” Cybertruck units may be the first ones delivered to customers, while “Series 8” units might be displayed in showrooms.
  • ⚙️ Production at Giga Texas is expected to return to normal rates soon after a brief stoppage for upgrades.

Tesla Cybertruck units that are being called “manufacturing confirmation” builds are being seen on the Giga Texas property as the company is revamping the factory to full production after a stoppage to upgrade lines. These units show impeccable build quality, and they are the best Cybertruck builds we have seen to date.

With the Cybertruck heading toward initial deliveries, as Tesla still plans to start with them before the end of the year, things are getting interesting on the Giga Texas property.

Earlier today, Giga Texas observer and drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer captured images of two “manufacturing confirmation” Cybertrucks. Tegtmeyer referred to them as “master candidates.”

These manufacturing confirmation Cybertrucks are the first few units to roll off of the new and improved production lines at the Texas Factory, which were shut down for several weeks to make room for improvements. Tesla told us during the Q2 Earnings Call that it would need to shut down each of its factories to upgrade production lines during Q3, which could contribute to a slightly lower quarter than expected.

These Cybertruck units are a validation of those new production lines and will not be delivery candidates, according to Greggertruck, a Cybertruck program insider. These will make way for the next Cybertruck production units, which will be known as “Series 9” and could be the first handed over to customers.

The insider told us that the Series 8 Cybertruck units could be the ones that end up in showrooms as Tesla will begin to get those into locations across the United States, likely in the near future.

As for Giga Texas, production should be back up to normal rates by next week, as the stoppage will take a few days to recover from. Tesla is building Model Y units at the factory, as well as these early Cybertruck units.

Elon Musk revealed this past weekend that Tesla has a “Performance” trim of the Cybertruck, giving us a hint at what configurations of the all-electric pickup might be available at first deliveries.

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