People are already selling Tesla Cybertruck accessories, and this one is crazy ambitious

Tesla Cybertruck has yet to enter production, but the electric pickup is already inspiring people to create accessories, and a new ambitious one, Cyberlandr, is trying to create the ultimate camper.

After unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck, CEO Elon Musk said that the electric pickup truck is going to be offered with “sick attachments.”

The Tesla Cyberquad, an all-electric ATV, has already been confirmed as an option for Cybertruck buyers.

The automaker has also already teased a camper configuration for the vehicle.

But now third-party companies are already also tackling Cybertruck accessories and mods even though the electric pickup truck is not in production yet.

This one is particularly ambitious as it aims to create an entire deployable camper that fits in the bed of the Cybertruck:

They call it “Cyberlandr,” and they claim to have a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office that can be automatically deployed out of the Cybertruck’s bed:

“When stowed, CyberLandr disappears entirely within the bed of the Cybertruck and allows the tonneau cover and tailgate to close so it creates zero aerodynamic drag and provides an exceptionally low center of gravity. This allows you to take CyberLandr through terrain more rugged than you would dare take most overlanding trailers, while still being able to take it into a parking garage at the mall or a Starbucks drive-thru. It also means there is minimal affect on range.”

Despite adding over 1,2000 lbs to the weight of the truck, they believe that it will only affect the range by about 5%.

For that loss, you get a kitchen with the following features:

  • Large, tri-level sink with colander, wash bin, drying rack, and cutting board
  • Smart faucet with manual, touchless, and voice control
  • Expansive porcelain counter top with over 5 square feet of working space
  • Invisible induction cooktop is located underneath the countertop

You also get a living room that transforms into a bedroom with the following features:

  • Home automation to effortlessly control climate and lighting by voice or app
  • 32” 4k UHD Smart TV/monitor with integrated Netflix, Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, etc.
  • Reclining, free-standing seating can be repositioned or moved outside for the sunset
  • Surround-sound audio for movies and streaming music
  • Seats transform into a surprisingly comfortable, breathable RV queen bed
  • Electrochromic dimming, dual-pane windows provide the perfect blend of light and privacy
  • Bed sits at counter height with room underneath for two children or one adult
  • Alarm system with 360º surveillance and motion sensing exterior lighting let you sleep securely

But the most impressive thing is the fully equipped bathroom that they claim can fit in the bed:

  • Radiant-heated porcelain one-piece tile floor for the ultimate in comfort & durability
  • Recirculating shower with 4-stage filter so you can take longer showers without running out of water
  • Spa-style shower head with 5 flow patterns
  • Dry-flush toilet with self-cleaning bowl means no black water tank to clean

The company even plans to include a SpaceX Starlink dish with every Cyberlandr to give you access to the internet wherever you go.

A retractable 500-watt solar panel system provides power, and they claim to be using the electric pickup’s battery pack for the rest – though it’s not clear how they are drawing power from it.

They are already attempting to sell the Cyberlandr for $40,000 to $50,000 depending on the deposit you are willing to place, and the website appears to claim that already 20 people placed a $5,000 deposit for the product.

A Cyberlandr is also going to be raffled for free to a lucky winner of a drawing that you can enter.

Again, the project, while not impossible, appears to be quite ambitious especially since it is being designed without access to an actual Cybertruck.

You should also always understand the risks associated with crowdfunding projects before putting any money down.

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