Tesla Cybertruck reservations peak at over 1 million units, Dual Motor most popular

An online Tesla Cybertruck reservation tracker shows that net reservations for the all-electric pickup have peaked at over 1 million pre-orders. The Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019 and has accumulated an estimated 1,084,200 pre-orders so far, with the most popular variant being the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive configuration.

An online Cybertruck reservation tracker that was created around the time of the November 2019 event has tracked nearly every pre-order of the all-electric pickup. It recently crossed the 1,000,000 reservation mark, making it one of the most anticipated Tesla vehicles of all time, without a doubt. Due to its interesting, unorthodox, and robust look, the Cybertruck attracted curiosity from all walks of life: EV owners, pickup owners, and even those who have not yet obtained a driver’s license. However, the demand for the Cybertruck points to one thing for sure, the employees at Giga Texas will be busy, and they’re going to be producing Cybertrucks in massive volumes for years to come.

According to the reservation tracker, there are 1,084,200 estimated reservations for the Cybertruck. The most popular variant is the Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive configuration that packs over 300 miles of range, a 0-60 MPH time of less than 4.5 seconds, a towing capacity of over 10,000 pounds, and costs $49,990. 48% of reservation holders have chosen this Cybertruck variant, while 44.5% have chosen the Tri-Motor configuration. Only 7.5% have gone with the Single Motor build; Tesla has stated that it will produce this vehicle in late 2022, a year after Cybertruck production is expected to begin.

Credit: Cybertruck Reservation Tracker

It appears that several sources have indicated that an increase in pre-orders may have occurred recently due to the fresh unveiling of Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning. Gali of HyperChange pointed out that some electric truck buyers may have been waiting for Ford to unveil their specs of the F-150 so they could decide what vehicle to purchase. While Rivian is also floating out there with imminent deliveries of the R1T, some buyers may be waiting for the Normal, Illinois-based company to deliver a few thousand units to examine build quality, advantages and disadvantages of the car, and how much other drivers enjoy the Rivian platform.

Gali believes that the Cybertruck’s premium specs were an indication that it was a better option than the F-150, according to truck buyers.

“What it boils down to is, if you’re buying this F-150, you’re paying a premium to the Cybertruck at every level,” Gali said. “You’re paying more money for a car with less range, less towing capacity, less speed.”

Additionally, analyst Gary Black stated that Tesla was “flooded with inquiries following Ford F-150 EV event last week,” according to a Tesla salesperson in Chicago. “Orders for all models are through the roof,” Black said.

The Cybertruck is slated for a late 2021 production date, but CEO Elon Musk does believe that volume production will begin at Giga Texas next year. If we get lucky, we’ll be able to do a few deliveries toward the end of this year, but I expect volume production to be in 2022,” Musk said.

Check out Gali of HyperChange’s thoughts on the Cybertruck’s comparison to the F-150 Lightning below!

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