Tesla is constantly improving the Model S, the chief designer says

Tesla is constantly improving the Model S, Franz von Holzhausen, the company’s chief designer, said in a recent interview.

Tesla has been making improvements to its flagship design since launching it in 2012. In June 2022, Tesla celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the Model S, which has undergone many improvements, including the launch of the Tesla Model S Plaid in 2021.  Key examples of such improvements were the ones made to the 2022 Model S Plaid to include a new taillight design and revised charging door that is similar to the Model 3 and Model Y.

In a recent interview with Ryan McCaffrey’s podcast, Ride The Lightning, von Holzhausen said that it felt like he was working on the Model S every day. He added that this was before the refresh, and there was work leading up to that.

“Even though we’ve just done a refresh, and it’s a big improvement on the car, we’re still looking at how do we continue to make it better,” he said. Ryan asked if the chief designer worked on the Model S the previous day, and von Holzhausen said he’d worked on it the other day.

Regarding the 2021 Model S refresh, the chief designer said this was something he and the team knew they wanted to do and took the opportunity to improve manufacturability. In response to another question by Ryan, he added that doing a refresh with both the interior and exterior took a “fair amount of time.”

He added that the team probably worked on the refresh for around a year or so. von Holzhausen described the Model S as a timeless car and pointed out that the team wanted to be “really specific about the improvements.” They didn’t want to take away from the vehicle’s already existing inherent beauty.

Tesla recently began delivering its Model S Plaid in Europe during the week of the Christmas holiday.  At the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, Tesla China announced that deliveries of the Model S Plaid and the Model X Plaid vehicles would begin in the first half of 2023.

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